Galaxy Orchestra

Star Wars Episode 1

Galaxy Orchestra
Star Wars Episode 1
Drager: cd ost film/soundtrack
Genre: ost

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Artiest : Galaxy Orchestra
Titel : Star Wars Episode 1


formaat : cd
released : 1999
genre : stage & screen


1.Star Wars (Main Theme And The Arrival At Naboo) -
2.Duel Of The Fates -
3.Anakin`s Theme -
4.Jar Jar`s Introduction And Swim To Otah Gunga -
5.Sith Spacecraft And The Droid Battle -
6.Trip To The Naboo Temple And The Audience With Boss Nass -
7.Arrival At Tatooine And The Flag Parade -
8.He Is The Choisen One -
9.Anakin Defeats Sebulba -
10.Passage Throught The Planet Core -
11.Watto`s Deal And Kids At Play -
12.Panaka And The Queen`s Protectors -
13.Queen Amidala And The Naboo Palace -
14.Droid Invasion And The Apparance Of Darth Maul -
15.Qui-Gon`s Noble End -
16.Hight Council Meeting And Qui-Gon`s Funeral -
17.Augie`s Great Municipal Band And Credits -